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"Super team of fundraising experts, they are really very strong: extremely mature advice in business and in very diversified fields, they have an incredible perspective and are very lucid. They saw clearly in my direct startup, the internal training in several modules is brilliant, every Thursday we have a "live meeting" and it is rebroadcast the next day (very practical), an email address to contact them very reactive (in case emergency they are there, enough to keep an eye on everyone)
But be careful sometimes it's not fun: when there is a slack they don't hesitate to give us a nice boost, and it's very motivating, we feel well coached, they are there to tell you the truth without wasting time.

There is also the continuous thread on the private Telegram community which brings a lot of good humor and above all we also help each other (!) we share our tips, our successes and even micro webinars between us.
Great also personalized feedback at will on issues, well explained in video with the visual of the docs you send.
I could never have known what they teach us before at least 5 years of experience in entrepreneurship, it's really an accelerator, they have lots of connections, lots of anecdotes to illustrate their point, they themselves set up full of successful short, it's heavy and it works!"
"Excellent coaching, I was not disappointed. This program helps me stay focused on my vision and constantly take action. The environment you enter when you join StarFounders is second to none.
I was able to find a partner and I am on my way to launching my product!

What I like the most is the transparency and honesty of the founders.

If you want to launch your project by raising funds, don't hesitate!"
Lourdvic Alcindor
"Super support for my fundraising, which allowed me to better prepare myself and obtain the first investors. Walid and Amine are very available to answer my questions in a very practical way!"
Jonathan Pinet
Founder & CEO, Go Fenix
"I joined Starfounders in March 23 and I personally had a great experience with them. The program is concise and of great quality. The founders are knowledgeable when it comes to fundraising - and will help you realise your objectives with world-class mentorship. I highly recommend Starfounders."
Omar Guizani
Founder & CEO, Slide
"I found at Starfounders a very sharp acceleration program! Rewarding exchanges that were able to guide me step by step in the creation of my star-up, the different fundraising mechanisms with a real strategy to apply to scale investors. A weekly exchange where everyone takes stock of their progress and problems. A tribe of experts and entrepreneurs to rely on.
So thank you Starfounders!"
Vassort Thomas
Founder & CEO, Boocle
"Have had a great experience with the program. Although being in sales and business development for over 2 decades, I was missing the funding piece which I have learned throughout the program and feel from now I can go on full steam to hunt for those €€.
The team strives to help and advise and is very reactive ! The structure of the program is straight forward yet logic.
For any one that wants to take the entrepreneurial path should hop into this course.
I still attend their weekly sessions when I can. Very informative. Keep on the great job. thumbs up."
Benjamin De Rose
"If you want to boost your business, your knowledge and stop procrastinating, this is The Place To Be. Always attentive, the mentors answer all your questions that you have always asked yourself about how to approach your business. Nothing to do with the "famous YouTuber trainings", spare yourself this waste of energy.
Every week we do a topo on the progress of the project. Glad to see we're not alone."
Raph Ben
"I joined the starfounder program in may 2023, and I am very pleased by the quality of the feedback we get from the mentors while building the pitch deck and also during the live sessions.
The approach is straight to the point, which is very helpful to keep you focused on the goal of raising funds.
I highly recommend joining the program if you want to accelerate to the next level, the whole team of mentors is reactive and very engaging!"
George Kozma
Founder, R15 Studio
"Top accompaniment! An excellent selection of the best fundraising tools and best practices, which you just have to implement to avoid rookie mistakes, and a very impactful team, which gets straight to the point, shakes up procrastination and seeks to make progress with great kindness and without 'blah blah'.If you are looking to save time, relevant advice and effective tools, go for it!If you are looking for comfort, long off-topic discussions and you don't have a goal to achieve or all your time, there are plenty of other choices ;-)"
Paul Boyer
Founder, LINportant
"The videos in format of a few minutes are excellent, because they do not discourage and suddenly I had no trouble watching them as soon as I had a moment. It's like a TV series of short episodes that we chain without realizing it!
Seeing that we are progressing in the training (even if it is for a few minutes) is very motivating!
Weekly master classes + individual feedback by video complete the training.
Just straight away! Everything a motivated entrepreneur is looking for.
Thank you I recommend."
Florianne Laurent
Managing Director, Studio 3i
"Two months ago, I decided to get started with StarFounders to support my startup, and frankly, I couldn't have made a better choice! The team is just great: listening experts, really involved and who share their skills with passion. It shows that they love what they do, and that makes all the difference!

Their advice and support allowed me to recoup my investment much faster than I could have imagined. They guided me step by step, always with patience and kindness.

Be careful, on the other hand I admit that this requires action, it does not happen by magic. For my part, I managed to integrate it into my routines. The experts, unlike other incubators, favor taking action, and that's good because it serves me now but it serves me for life, because I develop fundraising skills that are essential for me.I know I'll be able to do x10 or more with it.

In short, StarFounders is a human support, authentic and full of values. If you are looking for a boost for your startup, I recommend them without hesitation.
Thank you StarFounders for all you do!"
Brahim Gz
Founder & CEO, Hackers Corporation
"I would like to share with you my experience with the Starfounders accelerator, which I joined in February 2022, and which I highly recommend.

The content of the training is very rich, it brings a clear vision for the construction of its future company to be solid thereafter. There is extremely rich e-learning content and a weekly Zoom immersion session, with a team of experts available, and a great community...

Personally, it allowed me to have a better vision of my project, and to see certain points of my project that I had not considered at all in order to be taken seriously by future investors.

A fundraiser cannot be improvised and thanks to the Starfounders team, as well as its community not to be forgotten, in a kindness, allow me to refine my project, to go from dream to reality in order to build a solid and sustainable project over time, with a clear vision, whether before the launch, after the launch, as well as after.

I recommend this accelerator, extremely dense, there is a lot of work, but also a lot of resources are made available to us to carry out our project in the best conditions."
François Bagardie
Financial Advisor, Nexity
"Super support program for neophytes of entrepreneurship with a determination because there is a minimum to enter."
Baptiste Coulon
Founder, Generation Lowcal